Giulia and Veronika

Giulia and Veronika, two beautiful and sweet girls, one Tuscan, the other Russian, have decided to crown their dream of love in Tuscany, in a spectacular location, surrounded by greenery, with a panorama of rare beauty, the Castello di Bibbione, and they announced it to relatives and friends with the creations of Precisina.

Giulia and Veronika got ready together in a castle apartment, where Suely Menichetti Hair and MakeUp took care of their make-up and hairstyles

Hand in hand, in their wonderful dresses created by Atelier Andreia Cruz, they arrived in the garden of the Castle where Barbara Becarelli of Nero Fiore had set up a wonderful arch of flowers for the exciting ceremony

Immediately after, together with the photographer Giorgia Maddaloni, we followed the brides, who with a vintage 500 supplied by Slowhills wanted to visit the countryside around the castle, for photos and couple shooting, perfect place for their wedding video in Tuscany

As soon as we returned to the Castle, the sunset gave us a crazy atmosphere and, neither us wedding videographer in Tuscany, nor Giorgia Maddaloni photographer, we could miss the opportunity to immortalize Giulia and Veronika with that beautiful light that only the Tuscan countryside can give. 

Before dinner, a toast in front of the imperial table set up to perfection by Nero Fiore and Roland’s Catering, under the watchful eye of Gabi Rapuano Weddings and Firenze Concierge.

After sunset, the lights of Kaleydo illuminated the Bibbione Castle and the table, creating an absolutely magical atmosphere.

The wonderful day ends with the cutting of Sugarcups Cake Design‘s cake and a toast to their eternal love: Love always wins !!!