Elopement Film: Gabriele e Giuseppe

Love is love!

Every wedding is unrepeatable and incomparable. When we met Gabriele and Giuseppe we were able to understand their feeling, their passionate love.

They are really fantastic guys and they are an example for those who have not had the opportunity and freedom to express themselves freely, for those who have not had the luck and the ability to love.

A walk hand in hand along the Elsa river, near Siena, to then exchange the promises in a magical and romantic place, accompanied by the sound of the water.

The most exciting moment of their wedding was when they took their hand, looked each other in the eye and together they said: “we love each other, we want to get married”.

Our staff was there to capture this truly moving moment, together with the photographer Giorgia Maddaloni.

Such an exciting day reminded us once again why we love being videomakers for weddings.

Thanks guys for giving us the opportunity to tell about your wedding!